Guide to Choosing Your Wedding Veil


There are so many choices to make when it comes to planning a wedding. Getting married can easily put you into decision-making overload. After the event is completed, you might feel like planning your wedding was the most decisions you have ever had to make. One of these crucial decisions is which veil to choose to go with your dress.

 Choosing a veil is deceptively difficult. Selecting the right veil to pair with your gorgeous wedding dress can be difficult with varying materials, styles, designs, and even lengths. Certain veils go well with certain gowns, but style is also an individual choice. All this to say, it can be hard to tell someone else what veil they should pick.

 In this guide, we will discuss the different elements of wedding veils on the market to help you make your decision as easy as possible. We’ll go over every popular veil length available on the market and common fabrics, designs, and styles so that you have all the information before choosing your veil!


A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing Your Wedding Veil


Veil Lengths


The length of your veil just might be the easiest decision that you make. While there are many options to choose from, people generally know the length of the veil that would go well with their wedding gown when they see them. Let’s go over every veil length and its pros and cons.


Shoulder Length


A shoulder length veil is typically 20 inches in length and falls just at the shoulder blades of the bride. These veils are classic and traditional and are the perfect pick for brides that want to show off the details on the back of their wedding dress. Short veils also work well with short wedding dresses!


Elbow Length


As a next step in length up from a shoulder length veil, the elbow length veil is an attractive option for those who want just a little extra length. At 25 to 30 inches, elbow length designs are reminiscent of vintage brides, as this length was common for brides in the 1960s. Consider this length of veil with dresses with pretty lace details or an open back.


Waist Length


The waist length option is commonly 30 inches in length and is the classic veil length for weddings. For brides who want to show off their waistline, waist length veils hit just at the smallest part of you and accentuate a defined waist wedding dress. Definitely consider this veil length if you are hoping to highlight your waist as one of your best features. For brides who want to wear their hair down, the waist length veil is also a great choice!


Hip Length


Hip length veils, also sometimes known as wrist length, are perfect for those with details below the waist of the gown. If you have a deep plunge, corset design, or gorgeous lace on the back of your dress, avoid cutting the detail in half with a short veil. At least a hip length veil or longer should be chosen in this case. Hip length veils are usually about 36 inches and are also a great choice for shorter brides who might wear a hip length veil like a fingertip length veil.


Fingertip Length


The next length up is known as fingertip length, which is a very popular length of veil due to its elegance and traditional bridal look. For gowns that have some poofiness to them, fingertip length gowns go great together with dress volume visually. However, these veils are classic and can even go well with a simple, chic short dress. Fingertip length veils are 39 to 42 inches in length.


Waltz Length


Known as the waltz length, this length is the choice for a bride who wants a very long veil without their veil touching the floor. Perfect for dancing and drawing attention to your whole gown without the hassle of worrying about dirtying it, the waltz length veil is a great choice. Waltz length veils are typically 60 inches in length.


Floor Length


On the other hand, floor length veils are veils that just brush the floor with the end of it. These veils work great for dresses without a train because they provide the perfect illusion of a train at 78 inches in length. The veil touches the floor, effortlessly gliding along as you walk down the aisle. This veil is the best choice for brides who want some floor time for their veil but not too much of it. Be sure to check the height of your heels and your own height against this veil length. Short brides might find themselves with more veil length than they bargained for.

Chapel Length


Now, into the longer veils, chapel length veils are a long veil with a bit of a train to them. For most bridges, this length doesn’t provide so much length that you need assistance to maneuver around, but it is enough to add a train to a dress that might not have one. For those who want the princess feeling of a light and airy veil trailing behind them, the chapel length should be your choice at 79 to 96 inches in length.


Cathedral Length


Finally, last but certainly not least is the cathedral length. Think royal for this veil choice! These veils are the dresses that spread out on the floor as you walk, sweeping behind you like a queen’s cape. You will likely need some assistance with this veil, but we think it’s worth it! The cathedral length veil is 114 to 118 inches long, which is long enough to act as a train on its own or accentuate an existing train on your gown. Cathedral length veils go great with any style gown!  

Ready to Choose Your Veil?


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