Lovely, delicate, and sweet-smelling flowers carry a beautiful symbolism of love, affection & caring. The language of flowers has been known for centuries and one that doesn’t need to be spoken about. While fresh flowers have been in use for weddings traditionally, they wilt and die quickly, losing all their charm by the time your main event starts. The wood sola flowers on the other hand remain new-like for years, offer exquisite fragrance, color and size choices, are crafted with realistic attention to details, look classy, and more importantly, these pieces of art can be used for home décor later. The fact that wood sola flowers offer such incredible value resonated instantly with Gorety, and Papiro was established in 2017.

We at Papiro provide high-quality handcrafted sola wood flowers for your special day to help create a memorable event which has a lasting impact on people. Our wonderful selection of products includes bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages that are available in delicate pre-made combos. For those who prefer their own customized pieces, we also provide the option of selecting individual flowers from our gorgeous assortment. Decorate your wedding, go to prom in style, or adorn your home with our exquisite bespoke pieces that are sure to last for years to come!


We are committed to create a sustainable and environmental friendly business that supports artisans & craftsmen all over the world, and thus all our products are made using sola wood flowers that are individually handcrafted and handmade by artisans from India and Thailand. Moreover, the raw materials for our flowers are obtained from sustainable and eco-friendly sources.


Utmost care and stringent quality standards are ensured in the making of our products, as you deserve only the best for your special event!

Come be a part of the Papiro family and choose sola wood flowers for a unique theme, and an incredible wedding decor!

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