10 Reasons Why Wooden Flowers Are Better Than Live Flowers


Decorating your wedding is one of the most difficult aspects of wedding planning. From table decor to lighting, little details, and personal touches, checking off all of the boxes for decor on your to-do list is stressful. At the same time, each of these aspects adds up, leading to a seemingly ever-increasing wedding budget. Of the must-have details, flowers are perhaps one of the most essential and most frustrating.

 Floral design is one of the most expensive aspects of wedding decor, and it is often the most wasteful! After all, fresh flowers are on a time limit and will eventually die and dry out. They are also a hassle to transport and, depending on weather conditions, could arrive at your wedding damaged, wilted, or browning.

 For a more affordable, classic option for wedding decor, you should consider using wooden flowers for your centerpieces and bouquets. These wooden flowers are entirely reusable, easier to transport, and dependable! In this article, we will discuss the many reasons why you should choose wooden flowers over live flowers for your wedding!


1.   Wooden Flowers Are Easier to Preserve

Wooden flowers have a clear advantage over live flowers when it comes to how long they will last you. Live flowers have a shelf life and will eventually die. If you want to preserve your live flowers, you will need to carefully preserve them or pay a costly fee for bouquet preservation. Otherwise, your live flowers will die, become moldy, or start to brown and lose their color.


Wooden flowers are not liable to start decaying, and they are as simple as keeping them in a vase or a frame forever. They retain their color, shape, and the way they look without any unflattering, browning or shrinking. If you want a perfectly preserved bouquet or centerpiece from your big day, wooden flowers are an obvious choice.


2.   Live Flowers Are More Expensive

 The average cost of live flowers for a moderately sized wedding ceremony is at least $2,300. Even more expensive is the cost of live flowers for a wedding reception, where there are more details involved in decor. If you are hoping to include centerpieces, bouquets, boutonnieres, and other gorgeous touches of colorful accents, the cost of floral will add up. These costs rival those of other important wedding expenses like photography, catering, and rentals.

 To avoid having floral be one of your many big ticket items for your wedding, choosing wooden flowers can help to reduce this item on your budget. Wooden flowers are, on average, $700 to $1000 in price. The difference here is huge, and this leftover cash can be saved or put toward other important wedding must-haves.

 Another reason why live flowers are more expensive is because most florists will charge you to set up the venue with flowers and make arrangements for you. When purchasing wooden flowers, you can order them plenty of time in advance of your wedding day, and you can save money by DIYing the arrangements, centerpieces, and bouquets with family and friends.


3.   Wooden Flowers are Eco Friendly

 Live flowers require a lot of resources to grow, maintain, and transport. The floral industry is not the most environmentally friendly, which makes wooden flowers a great alternative for those who are trying to have a wedding with low environmental impact. The flower industry is not sustainable, but wooden flowers are!

 The environmental impact of cut flowers is huge, so avoiding being part of this wasteful industry is a great way of being environmentally conscious. Flowers use a significant amount of fresh water to sustain themselves, and the flowers are typically flown around the world on long-haul flights, which give off a significant amount of emissions.


4.   Wooden Flowers Provide Better Options

 Traditional flowers are dependent on what flowers are available and in season. However, there are no limitations to seasonal flowers when you choose wooden flowers instead. You can have any flower you want, regardless of the season. Spring flowers in fall and winter, and vice versa, are possible with wooden flowers to give you the look that you desire.

 Wooden flowers can also be customized by color, which allows you to further personalize your wedding to your specifications. There are color variations in live flowers that don’t exist with wooden flowers. If you want to find flowers that perfectly match your bridesmaid dresses, you don’t need to worry about a batch of live flowers not coming in the right color.


Wooden flowers come in every color. You can even have flowers that do not naturally come in certain colors with fake flowers. If you want unnatural colors of flowers, you can easily have wooden wedding flowers that match.


5.   Wooden Flowers Are Perfectly Reusable

 If your budget for your wedding is especially tight, you don’t need to worry about paying a one-time fee on flowers with wooden flowers. You can resell wooden flowers in an attempt to recoup the costs that you spent on wooden flowers for your wedding. They are 100% reusable and can be used for other occasions, other weddings, and more!

 Selling wooden flowers can be easily done in local Facebook groups or other online secondhand websites. You might just be able to help out another bride with saving money on her big day by reusing your wooden wedding flowers.

 With live flowers, there is no way that you can resell your wedding flowers or reuse them in the future. Instead, your money is only good for how those flowers look on the day of your wedding. With wooden flowers, you get a lot more use out of your flowers!


6.   Wooden Flowers Are Best for Outdoor Weddings

 Live flowers can be unpredictable in certain climates! If you are planning an outdoor wedding in a cold or hot climate, you run the risk of having sad-looking flowers on your wedding day. The heat will cause your live flowers to wilt, while the cold can cause your flowers to shrink or not fully unfurl.

 On the other hand, wooden flowers are fully unaffected by dramatic weather and can even be trusted on the warmest and coldest wedding days. Wooden flowers are more durable than fragile live flowers, which might fall apart with weather changes. If you have to move venues from your ceremony to your reception, you risk arrangements fully falling apart in transit with weak petal connections.


7.   Live Flowers Can Cause People with Allergies Discomfort

Some people are seriously affected by allergies to live flowers, which means that you might have guests sitting at tables feeling uncomfortable throughout the night. With wooden flowers, you won’t need to worry about anyone feeling itchy or sneezy from your decor choices. This might be a major concern of yours if someone who will be carrying a bouquet or wearing flowers on a boutineer.

 While this might not be a concern for most of your guests, making this considerate switch doesn’t harm anyone!



 All in all, wedding flowers should not break the bank. There are far more important things for you to invest your money into! You can still have perfectly gorgeous flowers for your wedding without having to buy single-use live flowers! You can have stunning bouquets, boutineers, and centerpieces for a lower price and better quality with wooden flowers. Wooden flowers make for a great, if not superior, alternative to live flowers for wedding decor.

 For cheaper, longer-lasting, and more customizable flowers, choose wooden flowers for your wedding. We promise that you will not regret it!


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